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Ready to start your own business?  Our online Eyelash Extension Certification will set you up for success!

From Only $37/week* or Ask us about Discounts available for Upfront Payment

Start anywhere, anytime

Start anywhere, anytime

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From $37 / week on an interest free plan*

Experienced mentors and online support

Experienced mentors and online support

Free additional Lash Lift and Tint Course, beauty kit and beauty bed

Free additional Lash Lift and Tint Course, beauty kit and beauty bed 

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Congratulations on taking the first steps towards an exciting career!

Do you wish to help others look their best? Want to learn all the skills and knowledge required to start your own successful lash business?

It’s most important that when learning any new craft you start with your best foot forward, and get the absolute best training and skill set to pave the way to the top of your field. The Eyelash Extensions Courses are second to none!

Check out the Eyelash Extensions Training Package plus our Lash Lift and Tint Course.

Qualification: The Advanced Certificate in Eyelash Extensions is made up of three certificates: Classic Lashes, Russian Volume Lashes and Mega Volume Lashes.

Also included in this package is a bonus Lash Lift and Tint Certificate, so you will receive four beauty certificates when you graduate.

Duration: This course is self paced and works around your schedule. Study at your own pace when you want.

Delivery: 100% online

Start Date: Start anytime

  • All learning materials.
  • Bonus video content + ebooks from guest speakers.
  • Your own mentor, who is an experienced lash stylist to help you every step of the way.
  • Lifetime access to the course, updated regularly with the latest industry trends.
  • Lifetime access to the VIP Facebook group which allows you to have unlimited access to support from your lash trainers and other students.

Course bonuses

  • 20% lifetime discount on all lash products in the online lash store.

Option one:
$25 per week on an interest-free payment plan*

Option two:
30% off* on upfront payments

Eyelash extension courses in this package

Classic lashes eyelash

Classic Lash Course

Learn about eye shapes and styling, plus our proven techniques for eyelash extensions including application, removal and aftercare.

Russian Volume Lashes Extension Course

Russian Volume Lash Course

Master advanced lash styling skills to create thick, fluffy lashes using the latest methods and techniques.

Eyelash Extensions Training Package

Mega Volume Lash Course

The newest and most in-demand lashes, mega volume create the darkest, thickest, and fluffiest lashes. 


Included in the Eyelash Training Package

Free Lash Starter Kit included in your course

This kit supports your training and helps you make back well over the cost of your course in lash clients! It includes professional grade products, tools and equipment for your assessments and client appointments.

Your kit contains:
  • Micro Swab Brushes
  • Lip Gloss Brushes
  • Straight Tweezer
  • Curved Tweezer
  • Tweezer Case
  • 2x 0.15 lash trays
  • 2x 0.07 lash trays
  • 2x pre-made volume fan trays
  • Silver Stickers
  • Micro Pore Tape
  • Clear Makeup Case
  • Eyelash Cleanser
  • Eyelash Cream Remover 
  • Mascara Wands
  • Mannequin Head 
  • Mannequin Head Training
  • Tile
  • Fan
  • Glue
  • Primer 
  • Eyepads
  • Scissors
  • Lashes

Free beauty bed

Our adjustable beauty bed is practical and ensures our clients are comfortable for either short or long treatments. The bed comes with a removable pillow and a face hole for services that require clients to be facing down.

Will there be help for me to learn online?

That’s the great thing about Bela Beauty College, we’re a community and you’ll become part of our family when you enrol.

Graduates from the course will be there to bounce off and interact together and help one another succeed.

You’ll also receive

Study an Advanced Certificate in Eyelash Extensions + Lash Lift and Tint Course

lash stylist eyelash extension

This course is inclusive of all Bela Beauty College methods, tricks and techniques you will need to know about eyelash extensions, setting up a business and marketing your new skill set.

Join the Bela Beauty College community and let us teach you everything I know about business and lash extensions.

Become a professional lash stylist

Start your studies with our Eyelash Extensions Training Package from $37/week*

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Jess’s journey just might be the inspo you need to start your own beauty business

I started Bela Beauty College to empower people to change their lives. Whether you’re looking for new career in the beauty industry, want to start your own business from home, or grow your existing practice, I can help.

How I started my beauty business

In 2008, I was a tired and unmotivated hairdresser. My mum encouraged me to start an eyelash business with her. She had been working in the beauty for a very long time but had recently retired.

Back then there was no advertising on Facebook or other social platforms like there is now so it was a long and slow process. Needless to say, things weren’t exactly going in our favour. Instead of having my own place and a steady income, I had to move back in with my parents!

The start of my love affair with lashes

I always liked doing lashes but a Russian Volume Lash Extensions course I attended lit a fire inside me to be the best Lash Stylist in the world! 

I educated myself by attending training sessions, listening to podcasts, and reading everything I could about lashes, branding, social media, and online marketing. 

I set up my small lash business at home and increased the clientele coming in, but I wanted more.

Beauty Business Owner Jessica Buff Bela Beauty College

In 2008, I was a tired, unmotivated hairdresser. Today I’m a successful salon owner and business coach training women around the world to achieve their own success.

Finding my calling

While growing the business I started putting together a “Lash Bible” that contained everything I had learnt from experience, different trainers and various platforms. 

I started training friends to work in my salon and loved watching them grow and gain confidence in their new careers. I finessed and perfected my training content and all my techniques. I was ready to launch my training to the public to help more and more people to change their lives.

I loved coaching and training and knew I should create a program of my own. With absolutely endless amounts of value and support to girls all over the world! 

I created my first Facebook support group for girls to get together with all things lashes and launched my first training business – Buff and Co Lash Professionals. Over time, we expanded our courses in other areas of beauty and finally, Bela Beauty College was born.

Bela Beauty College Team

Where we are today

We’ve grown into a multi-million dollar business with specialist trainers in all areas of beauty and helping thousands of people build successful beauty careers. We’re so proud to help people transform their lives. For us, there’s nothing more amazing than supporting and guiding people to change professions, build new skills, and grow successful, thriving businesses. 

I’m thrilled that Bela Beauty College will help people who dream of starting their careers and launching a business in the beauty industry. I hope my story inspires you to chase your dream — you got this!


Jessica Buff

Bela Beauty College Founder

If I can start a successful career in lashes, then anyone can

Looking back, there were a million and one reasons why I shouldn’t have bothered trying to start a business:

• I was too busy in my job to put the time in
• I didn’t have the money for the start up
• I had no experience in training or assessment
• I’d be risking a lot of time and money if it didn’t go anywhere
• I didn’t have a business plan in place before I started
• I didn’t have any products or services ready to sell
• My email list was non-existent
• I didn’t have a website

…but I did it anyway.

You just have to decide to get started, get the education you need to lower the technical hurdles and take action every day to reach your goals. That’s what Bela Beauty College is here to help you do.

Become a professional lash stylist

Start your studies with our Eyelash Extensions Training Package from $37/week*

By submitting this enquiry I accept the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of use”.

Creating successful careers

lady with make up

Katie Adie

Masarni Beauty and Wellness

Everyone at Bela I have spoken to has made it easy for me to complete what I have needed and support me in growing my business.

I plan to continue to grow my little business and eventually add more services on when I have more time and the kiddies are older.

Yuditha Spencer - JR Lash and Brow

Yuditha Spencer

JR Lash and Brow

I did my Beauty Therapy certificate over 10 years ago but never used it. Years later I did my eyelash extension course with Jessica from Bela and it inspired me to follow my dreams and start my own business as a lash and brow artist. 

I have completed all of their eyelash courses and brow certificates and now own a busy home salon and sell my own brand of beauty products.

Christiana Contsellis - Lashout Melbourne

Christiana Contsellis

Lashout Melbourne

Lash extensions are quite difficult to pick up and learn but the Bela team made it super easy by providing lots of feedback and support. Through the courses I have been able to open my own salon.

I highly recommend the online Bela courses – it is super enjoyable and there is great reward!

Shevaun Handley - Relaxology Beauty Studio

Shevaun Handley

Relaxology Beauty Studio

I’ve been enjoying the Advanced Certificate in Nails. The support has been awesome and it has added to my knowledge and business acumen.

Kickstart a new career as a professional lash stylist

Start your studies with an Eyelash Extensions Training Package from $37/week and $0 upfront*

*Terms and conditions apply. Speak to one of our career consultants to find out more.

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Become a professional lash stylist

Start your studies with an Eyelash Extensions Training Package for $37/week*