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Kryolan Concealer Wheel

AUD $72.00

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The Australian Concealer Wheel includes 6 shades, ranging from yellow, pink and neutral tones.  These shades help counteract the most common and unwanted imperfections on the skin. The concentrated pigment in the concealer means only a small amount of product is required when wanting to achieve optimum results.



Use the yellow tone to hide darkness and purple tones. You can also highlight and brighten when using the concealer.  Use the pink toned concealer to neutralise any blue toned areas, dark spots and scars. Use the neutral tones to counteract any redness or pigmentation.

BN – Neutralises blue tones in the skin
OH – Neutralises purple tones in the skin
PH – Neutralises brown tones in the skin
RN1 – Neutralises red tones in fair skin
RN2 – Neutralises red tones in deep skin
SYH – Highlights

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