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Mega Volume Lash Course

Mega Volume Lashes

Mega Volume Lash Course – Advanced

Show off your expertise with Mega Volume lashes! This is THE advanced online lash extension course to bring your business to life.

Using the thinnest and lightest lashes yet, you will be able to create the thickest, fullest and blackest most dramatic sets of lashes to stand out against the crowd in the saturated lash world.

Do you want to stop people scrolling on your Instagram? Do you worry there is a lash tech on every corner around you?

Our master trainers will walk you through the Bela way of Mega Volume fanning. What can be a tricky skill, is simplified with our methods and techniques which will have you lashing like a Mega Volume Master in no time!


Lash Extension Starter Kit worth over AUD $500

Lash Extension Starter Kit worth over NZD $500

Lash Extension Starter Kit worth over GBP £280


21 Lessons

Course details

No Deadlines

This course includes 21 video tutorials. There are no time limits to complete the course so you can study at your own pace – there are no scary deadlines! The beauty industry is always evolving and changing and so are we! You will have access to all future updates and modifications to the course lessons.


You might be studying online – but you are not studying alone. Our tutors are always available to help you with your course work and provide feedback to make sure your new skills are developing correctly.

VIP Student Group

We have created a virtual classroom where you can interact with your tutors and other students who are studying your course. You can freely ask questions, join discussions and post photos of your work to network, grow, and keep in touch with the Bela tutors 24/7.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer an interest free payment plan for just $25 per week. We also have discounts for upfront payments, special package deals if you want to study more than one course, plus a money back guarantee for extra peace of mind. Contact our team for more information.

FREE Lash Kit

All of our courses come with a free kit to make sure you have the highest quality materials to complete your course and can make back the cost of your training before needing to replenish your products. You have peace of mind knowing you can easily follow along with what we are teaching in the tutorials and have your kit delivered directly to your door.

Business Modules

All of our courses come with specific lessons including things such as setting up your salon software, social media accounts and marketing to ensure you not only learn the practical skills of your course but also what is required to successfully grow and run your business.

Certificate Upon Completion

All of our courses come with a certificate upon completion so you can frame and display in your business or attach to your resume.

24/7 Access

Study anytime, anywhere, at a pace which can fit in with your schedule. You will be able to complete your whole course from the comfort of your own home at the times which suit you best!

Mega Volume Lash Course

Course lessons

Everything you need to know about Mega Volume Lashes

Correctly calculating the weight of Mega Volume fans

Eye shapes and styling

Products and set up

Tweezer breakdown

Sanitation and hygiene

Mega Volume method

Bela 6 step mega pick-up

Pick-up steps 1-5

Pick-up step 6

Separate and finish off

Adhesive 101


Dipping and saving a split base fan


Graphics and marketing

Photos and editing

Case studies

Free Lash Starter Kit worth over AUD $500 - included in your course

Free Lash Starter Kit worth over AUD $500 - included in your course

Free Lash Starter Kit worth over NZD $500 - included in your course

Free Lash Starter Kit worth over GBP £280 - included in your course

This kit supports your training and helps you make back well over the cost of your course in lash clients! It includes professional grade products, tools and equipment for your assessments and client appointments.

Your kit contains:
  • Mannequin Head
  • Mannequin Head Training Lashes
  • Eyelash Cleanser
  • Eyelash Cream Remover
  • Lip Gloss Brushes
  • Micro Swab Brushes
  • 2 x 0.03 Lash Trays
  • 2 x .0.07 Lash Trays
  • Jade Stone
  • Straight Tweezer
  • Curved Tweezer
  • Tweezer Case
  • Mascara Wands
  • Silver Stickers
  • Micro Pore Tape
  • Fan
  • Tile
  • Glue
  • Primer 
  • Eyepads
  • Scissors
  • Hygrometer – to maintain the performance of your adhesive
  • Clear Makeup Case
Lashes Courses

Your future

Career prospects
  • Lash Artist
  • Beauty Professional
  • Small Business Owner
  • Lash Trainer 
  • Entrepreneur
  • Make Up Artist
  • Salon Owner
Start your own Lash Salon

Learn the skills you need to build your brand and leave your mark in the lash world. Our courses will teach you more than just the physical skill of lash artistry – but also about building your business, growing and retaining clients, being council approved and insured, and a blueprint for a flawless social media profile.

Setting up for success

We have an extensive list of students who have become our biggest success stories and have implemented what we teach to start their business, grow their social media and build a successful business in the lash industry.


Get a free consultation with a qualified accountant to help set up your business. Understand the requirements and structure you need to succeed.

Beauty Students

Our trainers are passionate about beauty and can’t wait to help you become a confident, skillful beauty therapist.

Creating successful careers

Many of our past students have gone on to become industry leaders and start their own successful careers in the lash industry. Check out our testimonials below to see our showcased students and where they are now!

Be your own boss

  • Do you want to break into the lash industry?
  • Have you been thinking about becoming your own boss and working towards financial freedom?


All the courses at Bela College are designed to help you gain the expertise, knowledge and skills to start your own business and be your own boss.

Creating successful careers

lady with make up

Katie Adie

Masarni Beauty and Wellness

Everyone at Bela I have spoken to has made it easy for me to complete what I have needed and support me in growing my business.

I plan to continue to grow my little business and eventually add more services on when I have more time and the kiddies are older.

Yuditha Spencer - JR Lash and Brow

Yuditha Spencer

JR Lash and Brow

I did my Beauty Therapy certificate over 10 years ago but never used it. Years later I did my eyelash extension course with Jessica from Bela and it inspired me to follow my dreams and start my own business as a lash and brow artist. 

I have completed all of their eyelash courses and brow certificates and now own a busy home salon and sell my own brand of beauty products.

Christiana Contsellis - Lashout Melbourne

Christiana Contsellis

Lashout Melbourne

Lash extensions are quite difficult to pick up and learn but the Bela team made it super easy by providing lots of feedback and support. Through the courses I have been able to open my own salon.

I highly recommend the online Bela courses – it is super enjoyable and there is great reward!

Shevaun Handley - Relaxology Beauty Studio

Shevaun Handley

Relaxology Beauty Studio

I’ve been enjoying the Advanced Certificate in Nails. The support has been awesome and it has added to my knowledge and business acumen.

Free course guide. Study the Mega Volume Lash Course for only $25 per week

Free course guide. Study the Mega Volume Lash Course for only NZD $25 per week

Free course guide. Study the Mega Volume Lash Course for only GBP £15 per week

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Free course guide. Study the MegaVolume Lash Course for only $25 per week

By submitting this enquiry I accept the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of use”.

Request a call from our career consultants

By submitting this enquiry I accept the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of use”.