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5 Tips for the Perfect Eyelash Extensions

The world of eyelash extensions has come on massively in recent years. More of us than ever want to achieve those beautiful Bambi eyes. Eyelash extensions can dramatically make eyes pop, with lashes that look fuller, longer and yet still natural.

As eyelash extensions are not always the easiest treatment to perform, we’re here to help you create the perfect eyelash extensions with our five top tips.

  1. Recognise that everyone is different

We should celebrate our differences, and when it comes to eyelash extensions, it’s true to say that one size does not fit all.

To create the perfect lashes for your clients, spend time first looking at their face, their eye shape and their natural facial features. By doing this, you can choose the right lashes for your clients based on their desires and what will suit them.

  1. Understand the different options

We’ve already established that not all eyelash extensions are the same. With this in mind, you need to make sure you know the different available options.

To create a natural and beautiful set of lashes for your clients, use a mixture of shorter and longer lashes, just as you would have naturally. You need to learn the different materials that lashes are made from to create your clients’ desired looks. With silk and faux mink being popular options, you need to know how they achieve different effects.

  1. Give your clients the right advice

Aftercare for eyelash extensions is imperative. In the first twenty-four hours after application, they need to be kept completely dry, so advise your clients to stay away from water, steam and sports that cause them to sweat.

Each morning, you should instruct your clients to brush their lashes with a spoolie, so they remain fluffy and clump-free.

  1. It’s in the details

This classic set is as classy as they come. Loving this gorgeous work done by our talented student @kerrieleebeautyboutique

Being mindful of the products you use is important. That also goes for your clients in their aftercare routine, so make sure you are giving out the right advice. Any oil moisturisers or make-up removers are a definite no because they can weaken the lash glue, which means their lashes will not last as long.

When choosing the glue that you are going to use as an eyelash technician, make sure you choose formaldehyde-free products and one that is medically approved. No technician wants to cause skin irritation for their clients.

  1. The aftercare

We’ve already touched on some of the aspects of aftercare, but there are ways for your clients to extend the life of their lashes.

One of the reasons that many clients choose to have eyelash extensions is to give them the look of longer and fuller lashes without the faff of putting false lashes on each day. While the need for false lash applications each morning is negated, you will need to warn your clients to not wear mascara, at least for the first six weeks. After this time, it can be used before they come back to you for their new set of extensions.

With the best eyelash extension course, you can give your clients lashes they will love. Join a course at Bela Beauty College today and learn from the experts.

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