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Do Nail Technicians Make Good Money?

Over the last decade, the phenomenon which is the manicure industry has swept through almost every country. In the 21st century, it is arguably the biggest growth sector of the beauty industry and men and women around the world have embraced it. There is no longer any excuse for having poorly maintained nails, and nail technicians are enjoying unparalleled success as a result. The question is, can you make good money as a nail tech?

What does a nail technician do?

As well as manicures, nail techs also care for the feet, making sure they are beach ready and presentable at any time of the year. Nail tech may also offered deluxe or enhanced mani and pedi treatments such as dead skin removal, innovative nail painting or nail art, nail extensions and even caring for damaged or broken nails. They can also alert the client if treatment is necessary for fungal infections, calluses and bunions.

What training is involved?

Of course, to be a professional in the beauty industry you need to be fully qualified. You could take one of our many pro-level nail courses such as the Beginner Nail Tech course, which contains 50 video tutorials you can access at your own time. With flexible payment options, you can get qualified in as little as 50 hours and receive a certificate of your achievement. You will also get a free nails starter kit and training on the business side of setting up a nail salon.

When you have completed the beginners’ course, you make want to take your skills to a higher level by completing our nail mastery course. We also offer training in gel nail extensions, nail art and acrylics so you can expand the range of services you offer to your clients and get a good return on the investment you have made in yourself.

Is it a lucrative business?

The beauty business is booming in Australia and worldwide. Many men and women see having a regular manicure or pedicure as an essential part of their grooming routine. Although nail bars have been springing up left, right and centre over the last few years, it is still possible to make a good living and run a successful, profitable business.

Recently qualified nail techs with 1-3 years’ experience can expect to earn $20 an hour in Australia, with an annual salary of over $40,000. Senior nail techs can earn over $50,000 a year. If you set up your own nail bar, you can also maximise your profits. Expanding your range of services to include more advanced nail certifications or other treatments will also increase your overall revenue.

The key to success in this industry is to provide a consistent and excellent service. The cornerstone of this is training from industry experts so that you can provide the best service possible. Clients will stay loyal if they are happy with the service you offer, and client retention is the single best way to turn over a healthy profit in the beauty business. Check out the expert online beauty courses we have on offer to make the switch to becoming a nail technician.

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