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Lash Lift or Extensions – Which One is Better?

Stunning eyes are a must-have if you want to look your best and women all over the world spend millions of dollars a year achieving that starlet look. But what happens if you aren’t born with naturally long eyelashes? Two procedures – lash lifting and lash extensions – are becoming the go-to solution to enhance what nature has given you. Both will give you the look of longer, more lustrous lashes, but what are these procedures and how are they different?

What is lash lifting?

Check out the incredible before and after pictures of a lash lift + tint by our amazing student @beautybynae

This procedure involves breaking down the bonds in your lashes to reshape them as a perm does to hair. Using a bonding agent, the newly curled and tinted lashes will instantly make your eyes look bigger, wider and more dramatic. Mascara is a wonder product but tinting means you do not need to apply it. Your lashes will look great no matter if you have just woken up or got out of the shower. Lash lifting is good for people with fair eyelashes and also straight lashes. The entire process takes around sixty minutes and many people find it relaxing.

The pros of lash lifting

Proponents of the lash lift love the natural look it gives their lashes, while also intensifying the colour and shape. The fact it can be done in a lunch hour is also a big plus. It is not invasive or painful and it’s affordable for most people. A skilled practitioner can adjust the treatment according to the client, meaning it is suitable for almost everyone.

What are lash extensions?

Our talented student @makeupbylillyarmstrong impressing us all with her perfectly done lashes 😍

If you really want to give your lashes a makeover, lash extensions might be the right choice for you. Lash extensions are individual, man-made eyelashes that are bonded using medical-grade glue to your existing lashes. The result is simply stunning, eye-catching, envy-inspiring lashes you can flutter to your heart’s content. It is ideal for those who have sparse or short lashes or for those who really want a red carpet look.

The pros of lash extensions

The biggest advantage is the final result. Imagine perfectly groomed, long lashes which frame your eyes and enhance your natural beauty. A skilled practitioner can transform your lashes to those worthy of a goddess in around 2 hours. However, not all practitioners are born equal, so it’s really worth finding a properly trained professional with a talent for lash extensions. Perfectly applied lashes will save you time every day, as the moment you step out of bed, your lashes are prepped for the day and the night.

Due to the popularity of these treatments, many therapists have started offering them but always choose a seasoned expert. If time is short and you want to merely enhance your natural beauty, a lash lift may be the one to go for, but if you want a complete transformation, pick eyelash extensions

These two treatments should be in any experienced beauty therapist’s repertoire, but it is important to choose the best practitioner you can find. When looking for a beauty technician to do your lashes, make sure that they are trained from a reputable organisation such as Bela Beauty College. Bela Beauty College offers courses in lash lifting and tinting, as well as other beauty courses that can be fulfilled online.

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