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Russian Lashes VS Volume Lashes: What is the difference?

Are you confused over lash choices? What is the difference between Russian lashes and volume lashes? We’re here to explain all, so whether you want to learn the different techniques and empower your business or treat yourself to gorgeous lashes, you’ll have all the information you need.

What are Russian lashes?

Russian lashes were the first type of volume lashes to hit the market. They gave clients those beautiful full lashes that many were after to really make their eyes pop.

Since then, Russian lashes have adapted and now include many other types of volume lashes.

Russian lashes were created by Olga Dobronravova and Irina Levchuck. To achieve the Russian lash effect, three or more lashes are applied to a client’s natural lashes, and they are longer to create more of an impact.

Russian lashes are applied to the natural lashes using a fan shape, which is how the volume is created. As the synthetic lash fibres are thin, it allows you to create a full and fluffy lash.

Why choose Russian lashes?

As a beautician, offering your clients Russian lashes means that you can give them a bespoke service to really volumize their natural lashes. You create the lashes for your clients while they are in their appointment and then apply them.

No matter what your client’s natural lashes are like, they can achieve amazing effects with Russian lashes.

It is always important to give your clients the correct aftercare information because this will help their lashes look great for much longer.

What about volume lashes?

Volume Lashes for pretty eyes! Natural volume using lengths 9mm-13mm to create that beautiful natural look @kalslashes

Volume lashes refer to applying lashes to give your clients a longer and fuller-looking lash line. It could be referring to Russian volume lashes, but it could also refer to American volume lashes or mega volume lashes.

With mega volume lashes, more lash extensions are used, and you could even use a fan of up to 16 lashes. Mega volume lashes are perfect for clients who are after the boldest and fullest lashes (as their name suggests!).

American volume, on the other hand, gives a more natural look, which some of your clients might be after. It does this by using lashes of varying lengths. Typically, Russian lashes will only use one length, which can give the lashes a denser look. By using different lengths of lashes, a more natural lash is created.

Which lashes do you choose?

When it comes to choosing which type of volume lashes to go for, it really depends on the needs of your client. That is why it is always worth upskilling yourself so that you can give your clients the best service for them.

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At Bela Beauty College, we help you give your clients the service they require, whether it's applying russian volume lashes, or working on mega volume lashes. By learning the different lash techniques from the experts, you will be able to fulfil your clients’ desires, as well as offer them the best advice based on their individuality.

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